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Adult Acne Treatment

Adult Acne Treatment
By Kevin Anderson

Proactive SolutionFor many years the condition of acne has been mostly associated with teenagers and is perceived to only affect people during adolescence. Since it is very common among teens, it was assumed that the hormone levels teens have directly caused acne, and that it would go away when one reached adulthood.

The first statement in that assumption is true. Acne can be influenced by hormone levels because hormones promote oil production which clogs pores and can cause acne. However, this can continue to happen even after a person moves from adolescence into adulthood. While fewer adults than teens are afflicted with acne, the condition is becoming more widely known in adults.

There are many different causes of adult acne, and the cause and type must be determined before the best acne treatment can be found. By treating the condition, you are helping to eliminate the negative aspects associated with it.

By finding and treating adult acne and its symptoms, it will be more easily managed through proper acne control. Positive skin care can lessen the need for harsh, aggressive, and sometimes even dangerous treatment.

Like in teen acne, there are many psychological and social affects of acne that, along with the physical aspects, can aid in lowering self-esteem, and can cause people who suffer from this condition to often remove themselves from social situations where they feel their condition makes them to appear conspicuous.

Until recently, it was believed that adult acne was relatively uncommon. This was due to the lack of reported cases of adult acne, along with the fewer number of doctors visits from adult sufferers. Many adults were embarrassed they had a condition that was mostly associated with adolescence, afraid of what others might think if they knew.

As more information about adult acne became available, the more people spoke out about their experiences. This helped them realise that they were not alone in their struggles. Many women, especially, suffer from acne for much the same reason as teens, hormones produce oil which, then clogs pores and causes breakouts.

There are numerous treatments available, some over-the-counter while others require a prescription.

Another aspect of adult acne that makes it difficult to cope with is the scarring acne can leave. Aging skin is thinner, and is not able to bounce back like that of an adolescent. While this isn't as much a concern for young adults as it is older sufferers, prolonged acne could mean deeper scars that are, in turn, more visible. This too can play a significant role in how one feels about his or her appearance.

No matter the cause and type, adult acne treatment is the first step to feeling better about your acne and how it affects you. When you are treating it, you are acting, and though the results will not be visible for a time, this will certainly help put you on the road to recovery.

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Article by Kevin Anderson.

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