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Living With Hypertension

Living With Hypertension
By Susan Price-Johnson

Digital SphygmomanometreHypertension is also known high blood pressure. Blood pressure moves blood from your heart through your veins and arteries. High blood pressure is dangerous because it causes your heart to work harder and increases your risk for heart problems such as heart attacks and strokes. Hypertension also increases your risk for various kidney problems and can even cause blindness.

It is often difficult to determine what causes hypertension. It can be a variety of factors which we will discuss, but sometimes it may be caused by medication that you are taking. This is then called secondary hypertension. It is usually impossible to know if you have hypertension and this is why regular visits to your doctor are imperative. You need to get your blood pressure checked in order to determine if you are in a safe range.

Hypertension is however treatable and controllable. You can take medications and bring about changes in your lifestyle to tackle this. You have to make sure that you stay away from stress and learn to take life in your stride. Eating habits also need to be controlled so that you don't enjoy excesses in your diet. Regular exercise is also essential and has far reaching results.

Being overweight certainly contributes hypertension. Studies have shown that even losing is little as ten pounds may be beneficial in lowering blood pressure. If you begin exercising and eating healthy you should be able drop ten pounds quite easily. Just don't to lose the weight immediately. It takes time to gain weight and time to lose weight; you should focus on changing your habits of exercise and eating, not just on losing weight.

If you don't know how to go about losing weight, consider hiring a personal trainer through your local gym. You may only need a few sessions with a trainer to and in that time they can show you how to use the machines and to create an exercise program that will help you lose weight and become more active.

A good idea to correct bad eating habits is to get the help of a certified nutritionist, who can plan your diet for the whole week. Though nobody likes to be told what they can eat and what not but nonetheless a diet plan is essential to bring about a positive change in your eating habits. Also you will have a clear idea about what is good for you and what not.

If you smoke, you need to kick the habit. It's as simple as that. Smoking not only offers no health benefits but causes some serious problems as well. Smoking causes your blood pressure to increase and creates dangerous hypertension. Smoking is dangerous not only to your health, but also the health of those around you. Second hand smoke can be extremely dangerous to your loved ones. Be sure discuss different options for quitting with your doctor; you don't need to quit completely on your own.

Hypertension is a very serious condition but that requires treatment. By making some changes in your lifestyle today you can combat the potentially dangerous problems that go along with hypertension. Even if you don't currently have problems with hypertension, you should quit smoking, start exercising, and start eating healthy. Eliminating health problems before they start is a great way to ensure you stay healthy and happy.

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Picture: Digital sphygmomanometre, a tool used to measure blood pressure.