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Common Myths About Acne

Common Myths About Acne
By Zitty Smith

Clearasil Daily CleanserMany people believe poor hygiene is the main cause of acne. This isn't entirely true. Acne is caused by the mixing of sebum and dead skin cells. This combination settling deep inside a pore can be hard to clean because of its location. Gently cleaning your face once or twice a day will help keep skin healthy.

We all have heard that chocolate and other junk foods cause acne. To this day there isn't any scientific evidence that supports this claim. Many studies have been done on this and have provided no significant data to prove that this is really true. Skin condition is based upon health however and healthy radiant skin comes from a healthy body.

There seems to be new evidence that suggests that milk and other foods high in iodine can cause skin inflammation and acne. We all know milk, but iodine isn't as easily identifiable. Iodine is found in seafood so limit your intake!

People seem to think quantity is the trick when it comes to acne medication including creams, astringents, and oral medicines. The excessive use of acne ointments will only irritate your skin more and obviously high dosages of any pill is bad news.

Many people believe that acne only affects teenagers going through puberty but anyone with acne will tell you this isn't true. It is true that acne appears commonly in our teenage years and usually clears up by the time you are entering your twenties. Acne isn't limited by age group it can even start in your late thirties or forties.

People commonly think by squeezing their acne they will help them heal faster. This couldn't be more wrong, squeezing acne further irritates you skin because it spreads the bacteria that is causing the acne to begin with. Squeezing acne also causes long term damages such as scarring so make the decision: deal with the unsightly blemish now, or squeeze it and see the scars forever?

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