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How To Have Power Naps & Concentrate Better

Power Napping & Concentration
By Danise

Hermaphroditus AsleepThe real important part of this program is to take power naps during the day. A power nap consists mostly of short sleep which is very beneficial to your physical energy. You must avoid making your naps longer than 45 minutes or you may enter deep sleep.

It is natural to feel lethargic and tired after a nap as your body temperature might begin to drop a bit more and you will have a higher level of melatonin in your body. This period of drowsiness after a nap is only temporary, so when you wake up, make sure to get lots of movement and some sunlight.

The ideal time to take these naps is when you experience your natural afternoon body temperature slump, or when your body temperature drops after a hot bath or exercise. Body temperature drops 60-90 minutes after a hot bath and about 4 hours after intensive exercise.

If you take your naps for about 30 to 45 minutes and you feel extremely lethargic and drowsy, it's possible that you entered deep sleep. The amount of time required to get into initial deep sleep varies from person to person. If this happens, make your nap time even shorter to avoid entering deep sleep.

The best idea to make sure you don't over sleep these naps is to get one of those cheap $1 watches with a timer on it. Don't worry, the beeping noise should wake you up as deep sleep is very light sleep and we're very wakable during this stage. Take only 1 nap per day. If you feel the need to take another nap, keep it really short.

Don't underestimate the power of taking these short naps. If you want to succeed at reducing your sleeping time, these naps will help you tremendously at giving you more energy during the day. They will restore your physical energy as well as allow you to clear your mind and concentrate better.

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