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Simple Eating Tips For Good Health

Simple Eating Tips For Good Health
By Lucy Denim

Fruit, Nuts & VegetablesLets all start making some simple changes to our diet for many health benefits. I will show you how to replace such dangerous foods that many take for granted like white sugar white bread, salt and margarine.

Just making some small changes in your eating habits can make a huge difference in your daily life. We will take a look at some ideas to help you live longer and feel healthy.

Salt: So many people use so much salt in their diet. In fact I once read that most people eat two large sacks of salt throughout the year more than they need. That is a lot of salt and there has been a lot of evidence in recent year that points to over indulgence in salt causing lots of nasty side affects on out health. Instead of eating that horrible nasty cheap salt you buy at the supermarket replace it with a good quality natural sea salt or try using kelp to give your meals that extra bite. It takes some time to wean yourself of salt so just gradually decrease the amount you eat day and before long you will hardly ever use it and you will feel so much healthier. We all need a little salt in out diets but no where near what we eat. In fact nearly all processed foods, snacks and meals you buy when out will have loads of salt.

White Sugar: White sugar is very nasty and one of the worst things we eat. It is one of the most over consumed foods in the world today. It is like salt, abused and found in nearly every processed and man made foods. Avoid eating white sugar at all costs, it is nothing more than trash, chemicals in a lab would most likely have more nutrition than white sugar.

Replace white sugar with a good quality organic raw sugar and still go easy on it. Even better is to use honey since it has some great health benefits. Honey has been known for thousands of years to be a wonder food, with the pollen and goodness of fresh honey comb. Eat an organic honey that has not been heated and filtered, buy direct from the honey farm or from a good organic produce outlet. Avoid supermarket honey as it has most likely lost all its nutrition and goodness due to all the filtering, heating and processing.

White Bread: White bread has absolutely no nutritional value; it clogs arteries and makes people overweight. Replace it with fresh organic wholemeal bread and make sure you read the labels as even the bread that is sold as wholemeal can have so many chemicals, additives and preservatives added that it can be very deceiving. The best idea is to make your own and that can be as simple as buying some organic flour and mixing some of that with some water and kneading it in to some balls and then rolling it out and throwing it under the grill to create flat bread. One of my favourite ways is to do the above but add a tiny pinch of sea salt & a little extra virgin olive oil to the water & flour. Make it quite wet so it is easy to mix everything. The oil will help get rid of any lumps. Now add some more flour slowly as you mix it in a bowl. Once you have a ball then let it sit for 10 minutes or more so all the water is absorbed into the mix. Once it has absorbed together, knead the dough with your washed clean hands. Now you can heat your grill or pan with olive oil while you roll it out into thin sheets. The bread only takes a little grilling or frying (in olive oil) and it is very healthy and tastes supreme.

Margarine: Have a look at your margarine label, notice how many chemicals and pesticides are in it? Yes it shocked me too as I found lots of preservatives are in it. Now throw it all out and go to the shop and buy some unsalted butter and some extra virgin olive oil as I will show you a much healthier alternative.

What you do is mix a small part of butter with lots of olive oil, you may need to put the butter in a warm room for 20 minutes first but try not to melt it. Now mix the olive oil and the butter until you get it all mixed in. Believe me this is so much healthier than that horrible margarine and yes even the margarines you think are healthy like the ones made of olive oil are full of preservatives and chemicals. Put your new extra virgin olive oil butter in the fridge and it will be ready to use in no time and it takes great too.

I hope all these healthy eating tips will help you all to live longer and better.

About the Author
Lucy Denim writes part-time mainly about nutrition and is in charge of the
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