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Pure Vegetarian & Vegan Living

Pure Vegetarian & Vegan Living
By Rebecca Bennett

Vegan SushiFinding a simple guide for vegan living can be a complicated matter because there are still not a lot of people that understand or relate to your way of life. This means that finding pure vegetarian or vegan food for your lifestyle can be even more complicated because the world does not revolve around healthy living decisions or great portion sizes. We all know about the fast food restaurants with their burgers that may or may not actually have come from an animal and the unfortunate way in which many fried chicken places treat their chickens. Whether we are making a stand or not, eating healthy is often tricky business. Vegan living does not need to be this way.

Vegan living, instead, should be about choices and finding the right vegetarian and vegan food options for your lifestyle choice. You should be able to live in a world that celebrates and enables all lifestyle decisions and, as long as you aren't pushing your views on others, you should always have an avenue in which to do this. Remember that as a vegan you have made a choice that you believe to be ethical, however it is not a shared ethical viewpoint and vegan living can represent that in a very realistic way as you look for the right dietary and cooking ideas for your own palette.

Making Sound Recipe & Cooking Decisions
For those that are not familiar, there is actually a difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. For one thing, vegans do not eat or touch any products that were created with an animal's involvement. Gone are those monkey-created computers that come strangely out of the jungles and gone are any foods or drinks that were created using any animal products. Vegans, as a part of any good vegan living component, always look for another way to experience the product without using an animal's parts or labour to do so. Making healthy choices based on this can sometimes create small challenges.

Based on this philosophy, cooking and finding recipes often takes a little bit of hunting if you are a vegan living in the world of the carnivore; it can often create complications for meal choices that you may never have experienced before. For this reason, you need to ensure that you stick by your vegan living principles to the fullest and help encourage other vegans to find ways to cook their food and experience some tasty recipe options in the same way. Life should be about enjoyment, regardless of what dietary and lifestyle decisions you have made, and you should be able to find a way to enjoy life within it.

About the Author
Rebecca has worked in the vegetarian and vegan industry for more than 5 years. She is the founder of a portal with many interesting vegan and vegetarian books, articles and living tips and tricks.

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