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Acupressure Lays Insomnia To Rest

Acupressure Lays Insomnia To Rest
By Virpi Tervonen

Insomnia is more serious than being startled awake by every noise or tossing and turning while trying to fall asleep, because insomnia results in day-time tiredness, irritability and, at worst, depression. Insomnia is most often caused by sleep disorders, but also by emotional stress or stimulants. In addition to an overactive mind, stress, anxiety and fear, also caffeine, some medications and herbs easily disturb the quality of your sleep and cause sleeping problems. Physical pain is a common cause of insomnia as well. Short-time symptoms of insomnia are bearable, although frustrating, but night after night for months or years, the most serious issues of insomnia accumulate and can cause serious health problems.

Many insomniacs rely on sleeping tablets and other sedatives to try to get some rest. Others use herbs such as valerian, chamomile, lavender, or passion-flower. On the other hand, acupressure is a safe, drug-free technique that has been used to treat insomnia sufferers by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners for thousands of years. In many cases, acupressure is sufficient to break the insomnia cycle without the need for sedatives and sleeping tablets.

Acupressure, with its focus on healing whole syndromes rather than individual symptoms, has shown great success treating those who experience insomnia. It also has been widely successful in relieving depression, stress and physical pain. With ongoing studies showing promising results in the treatment of numerous health conditions, acupressure is gaining popularity as a way to overcome all kinds of troubling ailments. Some relatively recent areas of study include both alertness and fatigue, and this form of treatment can be beneficial in both instances as it works with the body's vital energies. Acupressure can be used to help treat insomnia due in part to its benefits in promoting better overall health and relaxation, as well as the treatment of related problems such as back pain that may be contributing to the sleep disturbance.

Like other conditions which can benefit from acupressure treatment, using this approach to treating insomnia allows you to steer clear of medications that can lead to a host of side effects. Safe, natural, and drug-free, acupressure involves a whole approach to better health and wellness, and encourages you to become more in tune with your body's needs. Pain and illness are indications of a problem that needs to be addressed, and acupressure works to solve the underlying issues, rather than just treat the symptoms.

Acupressure treatment can be administered by a trained practitioner, or you can learn techniques to help yourself. Either way, the benefits are likely to be numerous, as you improve the flow of vital energies throughout your body, and experience improved energy or relaxation.

Commonly noted benefits of acupressure include increased immune function and decreased stress levels, improved digestive abilities, better sleeping patterns, decrease in various pains and a general sense of well being, which are all excellent treatments for insomnia.

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