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Treat Acne With A Natural Colon Cleanse Method

Treat Acne With A Natural Colon Cleanse Method
By Martin L Wear

Many doctors and alternative medicine practitioners now believe that in order to achieve overall good health, you must have a colon cleanse regularly. Toxins and other waste matter can build up in your colon, over time, exposing the rest of your body from these toxins. When your skin attempts to expel these toxins, it can clog your pores and cause skin problems and skin irritations, such as acne. The following paragraphs will discuss colon cleansing and how a natural colon cleanse can help treat an acne problem.

Colon hydrotherapy, or colonics, is one method of cleaning the colon. This colon cleansing method involves gently bathing the colon with purified warm water. This process helps remove the poisons and toxic materials, as well as helps remove the waste build up from our colons, that we all experience. When we eliminate this harmful waste matter from our bodies, our skin is not forced to attempt to expel it. Thus, by removing these toxins from our body, we are helping prevent and treat skin blemishes such as acne.

In contrast with an enema, which only cleanses the first two feet of your colon with a small amount of water, colon irrigation cleans the colon using 55-75 lites of warm distilled water, in order to clean difficult areas and places where faecal waste tends to gather and build up. Effective colon cleansing treatments remove not only build up faecal matter, but also remove excess mucus, bacteria, and other parasites that can be present in the waste matter build up in you colon. Not only does this treat acne and other common skin problems, it can also assist with promoting regular bowel movements without constipation and diarrhoea.

When used in conjunction with colonics in order to treat acne, an herbal colon cleanse may also be suggested to help treat skin problems such as acne. A natural colon cleanse usually consists of taking herbal supplements by mouth, and changing your diet to one that is high in fibre, and contains less processed foods. The ultimate colon cleanse is changing your diet, in combination with taking herbal supplements and participating in colon hydrotherapy.

A good colon cleanse can be the first step in treating skin problems such as acne. Since our skin depends on vitamin A to remain healthy, which is absorbed through the colon, we will lack Vitamin A when our colon is ill. By participating in colonics, you will not only be cleaning the walls of your colon, to eliminate toxins that can cause the pores of our skin to clog resulting in acne, you will also enable better adsorption of Vitamin A, which your skin depends on.

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