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Natural Herbal Skin Care

Natural Herbal Skin Care
By Jerrick Foo

Natural herbal skin care has been the choice for beautiful women from all over the world for thousands of years. It has only been recently that cosmetic companies have formulated makeup and skin care products that contain chemicals and artificial additives in an effort to improve on the natural herbal skin care regimens that have been around for centuries. But today many women have come to realise that these harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients that are so expensive aren't necessarily good for their skin - in fact, in some cases they can cause drying and stripping of the skin's natural pH balance and interfere with the body's natural skin repair process.

That's why so many have returned to the natural herbal skin care routines that are based on some of the same key ingredients that might have been used by legendary beauties like Cleopatra or Marie Antoinette.

Some basic beauty secrets of the ages - natural herbal ingredients for skin care includes essential oils, rose water, crushed almonds, sea salts, rice powder, shea butter and purified water are common. These ingredients are good for the skin as rarely you will encounter any allergy to them. These natural ingredients can help to moisturise dry skin and contains cooling botanicals to promote the healing of blemishes and a complete skin care regimen.

The benefits include slowing down the aging process and help to diminish those fine lines and crow's feet. Natural herbal skin care can be the answer if you have sensitive skin and are prone to rashes and or break-outs.

Many people don't realise that occasional flare-ups of blemishes or rashes can mean your skin is being irritated by the many chemicals in the soaps, cleansers, astringents and other products your skin is exposed to every day. Add to the list the many dyes, chemicals and preservatives in your makeup and it's a virtual assault on your delicate skin. That's what makes natural herbal skin care so important as a part of your daily skin care routine. Using natural, soothing ingredients can actually calm and soothe your skin, reducing the number of break-outs and rashes.

Soothing ingredients like oatmeal for sensitive skin calm itching and redness when rare flare-ups do occur due to environmental stressors. Most natural skin products are full of natural botanicals, vitamins and minerals and pure anti-oxidants to nourish your skin, and are just as rich and creamy as any luxury department store skin care line.

There is a whole range of products, from natural clay masks for acne to healing aloe gels for dry skin. Best of all, these does not contain the harsh chemicals that you can find in some other non-natural products. By using natural herbal skin care products, you're improving the condition of your skin and decreasing the likelihood of future skin problems.

About the Author
Jerrick Foo has been researching and developing skin care techniques for over 10 years to help men and women with dry skin. Visit the
Dry Skin Care Guide for more information.

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